What Are Colloidal Minerals

You Can’t Make it Without Minerals

Many well-respected scientists, researchers and medical professionals have established a relationship between mineral deficiencies and a wide variety of health conditions which afflict the human body. Additionally, extensive medical research, clinical and hospital studies have confirmed the effectiveness of minerals to working with many of these health conditions.

Minerals control the body’s ability to absorb, and use vitamins. And without minerals, vitamins have no purpose, and are quickly eliminated from the body.

It is a huge waste of money ($70Billion in 2010) to gobble handfuls of high potency tablets, without backing them up with the right minerals. It’s like trying to run your car with a full tank of gas, but no oil in the engine.

Lacking vitamins, the system can make some use of minerals, but without minerals, vitamins are useless… This discovery is one of the latest and most important revelations by science about human health. Research has shown a direct correlation between mineral deficiencies and illnesses.

For example, diabetes or hypoglycemia involves chromium, zinc and vanadium deficiencies; cancer and heart disease involve selenium, copper, and more. Most everyone knows that osteoporosis involves a calcium deficiency, but fewer know about the need for magnesium and boron as well.

Liver spots, premature graying & even Obesity are all caused by missing minerals. Life without minerals? Impossible! Did you know that proteins, enzymes and hormones are all formed from minerals? Minerals are the cornerstone of good health & all prevention and recovery programs.

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What the GNC Vitamin Salesman NEVER Tells You

When you are taking a vitamin-mineral tablet, you are taking what is called “METALLIC MINERALS.” You only absorb 8-12% of these metallic minerals, the rest passes through you. If you talk to a chiropractor who x-rays patients, he’ll tell you what he sometimes sees lined up in the small intestines: Whole Vitamin and Mineral tablets, like little boxcars, taking a long ride through the intestines.

Before you can use even the normal 8-12% of a metallic mineral, the WHOLE mineral must be broken down by your body. That’s asking a lot of a body unless it’s already in top shape.

The health food industry had a problem in the late 70′s, they developed “chelated” minerals: wrapping amino acids or protein around the minerals helps the body metabolize them. This results in slightly over 50% absorption at best.

Keep in mind…metallic minerals (also known as elemental minerals or salts) come from
oyster shell,
calcium carbonate,
sea salts.
Supposedly, too much of some of these elements can have toxic effects on your body.

Human beings are not able to efficiently absorb them or to use them. Certain animals are, but we are not. Nevertheless, that’s where the minerals in most mineral tablets come from.


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