What Are So Unique About Youngevity Mineral Products

What the GNC Vitamin Salesman NEVER Tells You

When you are taking a vitamin-mineral tablet, you are taking what is called “METALLIC MINERALS.” You only absorb 8-12% of these metallic minerals, the rest passes through you. If you talk to a chiropractor who x-rays patients, he’ll tell you what he sometimes sees lined up in the small intestines: Whole Vitamin and Mineral tablets, like little boxcars, taking a long ride through the intestines.

Before you can use even the normal 8-12% of a metallic mineral, the WHOLE mineral must be broken down by your body. That’s asking a lot of a body unless it’s already in top shape.

The health food industry had a problem in the late 70′s, they developed “chelated” minerals: wrapping amino acids or protein around the minerals helps the body metabolize them. This results in slightly over 50% absorption at best.

Keep in mind…metallic minerals (also known as elemental minerals or salts) come from
oyster shell,
calcium carbonate,
sea salts.
Supposedly, too much of some of these elements can have toxic effects on your body.

Human beings are not able to efficiently absorb them or to use them. Certain animals are, but we are not. Nevertheless, that’s where the minerals in most mineral tablets come from.

70-Million Year-old Goldmine

Like I said, there is another form of minerals. They’re organically derived minerals. These don’t come from rocks and soil. They are neither metallic nor salts. They also have a negative charge so they are attracted to the body. These are called colloidal minerals.

The organic or plant derived minerals come from humic shale. What’s that? Well, it’s prehistoric plant life in its concentrated form. It was first discovered on a Utah mountain-top and sold in 1926. It’s plant derived minerals.

That’s almost 100 years ago, so we’re not talking about some brand new, unproven product. Colloidal minerals are still harvested on that mountain today, from a 70-million year-old humic shale deposit.

The air was full of oxygen and nitrogen back then, not like today. Some trees grew 25 feet A YEAR! Earth was a nutrient-rich environment. Animal life like the Brontosaurus ate lots of minerals back when it was in plant form. And you know how big they got.

Organic Minerals are the Answer

Millions of years ago, Our loving Creator yielded a nutritional powerhouse. Prehistoric plant life was packet with God’s most amazing nutrients… colloidal minerals are taken from plants that have already assimilated inorganic minerals from rocks and soil.

Through a process called photosynthesis, the plants have converted these precious minerals into organic colloidals that are easily absorbable by the human body.

Colloidals are microscopic-sized electrically charged particles. When absorbed by the body, colloidals act like a magnet, helping to pull broken-down cells into the bloodstream to be eliminated. Meanwhile, the body is replenished with nourishing life-enriching minerals.

Plant derived minerals are clearly the BEST way to get your minerals.

I offer the BEST plant derived colloidal minerals in the world.


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