What is the TRUTH About Obesity


Obesity is a disease of deficiency & lack. NO LACK OF CALORIES BUT A SIMPLE MINERAL DEFICIENCY. You heard me right! Your body lacks minerals. Obesity is a problem in all industrialized countries but especially in the US. Obesity has various causes and combinations of cures & fixes. Making manipulation of the masses pretty easy because people will believe almost anything & pay good money to lose weight. From home gyms to crazy diet plans & gastric bypass to feeding tubes down the nose. Forget that!

The answer is simple. Get appropriately nutrified for your body weight and modify your diet to increase absorption and obesity simply goes away.

Give Your Body What it Needs And Get Out of the Way

Yes! That’s the key: overeating is just a sign that the body is lacking vitamins & minerals in sufficient quantities. Remember, the body can use minerals, but without minerals, vitamins are worthless. Let that sink in: MINERALS ARE A MUST! And please keep this in mind–many minerals require other minerals to be utilized fully in the body. Think you get your minerals in a “balanced diet?” Think again!

In 1936, U.S. Senate Document 264 lamented our food’s lack of mineral nutrient due to soil depletion. It’s worse now. So chances are, if you’re not supplementing your diet with all 60 known essential minerals, you’re one of the 95% of all Americans deficient in nutritional minerals.

You Can’t Make it Without Minerals

Many well-respected scientists, researchers and medical professionals have established a relationship between mineral deficiencies and a wide variety of health conditions which afflict the human body. Additionally, extensive medical research, clinical and hospital studies have confirmed the effectiveness of minerals important role in many chronic health conditions.

Minerals control the body’s ability to absorb, and use vitamins. And without minerals, vitamins have no purpose, and are quickly eliminated from the body.

It is a huge waste of money ($70Billion in 2010) to gobble handfuls of high-potency tablets, without backing them up with the right minerals. It’s like trying to run your car with a full tank of gas, but no oil in the engine.

When a body lacks vitamins, the system can still make some use of minerals, but without minerals, vitamins are useless… This discovery is one of the latest and most important revelations by science about human health. Research has shown a direct correlation between mineral deficiencies and obesity.

Obesity is Epic in America

An acknowledged epidemic in the U.S. with one third of adults and teens obese and half of all Americans over weight. I assert this in not a problem of excess as is commonly thought. But a problem of deficiency as most Americans are deficient in minerals.

In fact, 90% of obese people overeat and binge because empty calorie foods trigger a base human desire that is nearly unavoidable. It’s called cribbing or pica.

PICA = A Nibbling Behaviour Caused by the Bodies Insatiable Search for Trace Mineral Nutrients

Compulsive trips to the refrigerator is a HUGE sign that you are deficient in trace minerals & your body will search for these minerals in sufficient quantities until you die.

I repeat….

Give Your Body What it Needs And Get Out of the Way

Think you get your minerals in a “balanced diet?” Think again!



Give Your Body Two of These a Month

Give Your Body One to Two of These a Month

And Modify Your Diet.

Call me @ 936-676-0316 & I’ll coach you to success.

Bryce Cunningham Hear Me




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